About Dana

Dana Feldman is a former assistant in “the biz” who’s now a freelance journalist, and first-time novelist. Her first book, a fictional mystery-slash-thriller, is presently in the hands of a superb literary manager and his dedicated team. She’s currently writing her second book and has plans for a third.

She works mostly with Reuters as a freelancer and loves what she does. She’s eternally grateful for getting a front row seat to a lot of events that will go down in history. She also has the wonderful advantage of learning journalism from the best-of-the-best in the business. Her hope is to one day be as talented as those that she works with. Until then, she plans to keep working hard and learning as much as she can each and every day.

Her biggest accomplishment with her writing, she says, is that she finished her book and didn’t give up, even though she wanted to many times. Her precarious characters are hard to pin down as either good or bad and are best described as both. The challenging situations that she puts them into will keep you turning the page until the end.

She currently lives in Marina del Rey, CA.


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